Grief is odd. The things that make you sad aren't always logical, I'm discovering. 

In the last couple of weeks, I've lost several friends unexpectedly. Bobbie DuFault died on September 14; on September 21, my friend Cindy (known to many as CindyGerb) had a fatal heart attack while in the hospital for an unrelated minor procedure; and as I learned earlier today (and just posted), Wayne Green died earlier this month.

The first two are friends that I've had for a number of years out here on the left coast. They were personal friends, people that I had spent time getting to know, and yet, while being sad that they were gone, it really didn't hit me that hard.

Wayne, someone that I hadn't seen in nearly twenty-five years? Several times this evening I've found myself choking up. What the fuck, grief?



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