Well, it works now. I'm not entirely sure what made the difference, be it the delay in propagation of the A Record changes, or something else, but... no matter, it works.

I failed to write an entry yesterday, but figure it's allowable, as I hadn't gotten the wretched thing to work yet (see above), so allowed myself the gig. It'll all come out in the wash, I expect. 

I'm currently looking at http://www.namesilo.com as a potential replacement for http://www.dotster.com. I wasn't initially shopping for a new domain host, but in the process of trying to figure out where I went wrong in setting this thing up, I was made aware of the service (apparently, NameSilo has set up a quick button to make the necessary alterations for enabling Weebly). Right off the bat, the prices are a bit cheaper, with the WHOIS privacy being free, which is not the case with Dotster. Between the R and I, we have seven domains, so the privacy charges add up a bit. I'll poke at things a bit, and possibly transfer over one of our domains to give them a test run.


15/09/2013 18:33

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