Back in 1988 or 1989 (memory's a little vague this far out), Wayne Green walked into the Peterborough, NH, Radio Shack where I was working and hired me (a 19-20 year old kid) on the spot to be his personal assistant. I stayed with Wayne Green Enterprises until the tail end of 1989, when something happened and there were lots of layoffs. I seem to recall there was something about loss of funds involved. Working for him had me doing everything from helping various editors with articles to doing network security checks with his head of IT. It was the first "real" job I'd ever had, and I remember that time fondly. Wayne was an amazing person, and I feel privileged and honoured to have had a chance to work with him.

A friend posted notice of Wayne's death today, and it took me a while to remember why that name was so familiar. When it hit me, I felt a sense of loss that was a bit unexpected. I hadn't thought of Wayne in many years, and when I finally remembered why the name was familiar, I realized that I had learned a lot of how to be the person that I am today from just being around Wayne at that point in my life. I regret that I never reconnected with him, or had the chance to thank him for taking a chance on a green kid in an electronics store.

Thanks for being, Wayne. I hope you're raising hell wherever you are.
Grief is odd. The things that make you sad aren't always logical, I'm discovering. 

In the last couple of weeks, I've lost several friends unexpectedly. Bobbie DuFault died on September 14; on September 21, my friend Cindy (known to many as CindyGerb) had a fatal heart attack while in the hospital for an unrelated minor procedure; and as I learned earlier today (and just posted), Wayne Green died earlier this month.

The first two are friends that I've had for a number of years out here on the left coast. They were personal friends, people that I had spent time getting to know, and yet, while being sad that they were gone, it really didn't hit me that hard.

Wayne, someone that I hadn't seen in nearly twenty-five years? Several times this evening I've found myself choking up. What the fuck, grief?

Well, it works now. I'm not entirely sure what made the difference, be it the delay in propagation of the A Record changes, or something else, but... no matter, it works.

I failed to write an entry yesterday, but figure it's allowable, as I hadn't gotten the wretched thing to work yet (see above), so allowed myself the gig. It'll all come out in the wash, I expect. 

I'm currently looking at as a potential replacement for I wasn't initially shopping for a new domain host, but in the process of trying to figure out where I went wrong in setting this thing up, I was made aware of the service (apparently, NameSilo has set up a quick button to make the necessary alterations for enabling Weebly). Right off the bat, the prices are a bit cheaper, with the WHOIS privacy being free, which is not the case with Dotster. Between the R and I, we have seven domains, so the privacy charges add up a bit. I'll poke at things a bit, and possibly transfer over one of our domains to give them a test run.
One of the reasons I've set up a new blog is that I would like to post something every day. It doesn't have to be much, but I want to write *something* each day. Posting links doesn't count. This site also has an app that I can use to post from my phone if I have to.

Off to the shops now. Naked wife needs things from the store. *

* The fact that she's naked has nothing to do with the things she wants me to acquire; I just mention it because, you know, boobs.
Starting a new blog today. I got the keyboard dock for my tablet in the post yesterday, and want to see if writing every day is easier using the tablet than sitting at my desk, which has been ... disappointing in recent past. I seem to have a block that's keeping me from writing more often, so I figure that changing the settings by way of sitting n the living room with the tablet might prove helpful in getting me back into writing.We shall see.